Aequitas Consultants

We are a contemporary employee relations consulting firm specializing in the prevention and management of harassment and discrimination in the world of work.

About Us

We partner with our clients to effectively facilitate individual and organizational capabilities through policy and practice review, upskilling, and conflict resolution.

We ensure Equity, Dignity and Diversity in the workplace support we provide.

Our Services

Our diverse panel of  attorney specialist practitioners,  sociologists, psychologists, mediators and arbitrators  assist our clients in:

Investigating complaints and allegations of Harassment and Discrimination


Empowering employees and supporting Complainants of Harassment


Advising on Sexual Harassment, Social Media and other employment Policies and Procedures

Employee relations Skills and Compliance training


Mitigating Employer Liability

Chairing Disciplinary Hearings

Preparing for tribunals

Consulting in Labour Relations

We are a Level 2 BBBEE Company.